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3 In 1 Detachable Premium Shiatsu Massage Seat With Heat

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Enjoy a luxury massage experience with this upgraded air pressure & shiatsu massage seat cushion.

3 In 1 Detachable Multi Function Massage Seat Cushion:

Massage pillow + Back Massage Cushion + Seat Massage Cushion

Our shiatsu seat massager with heat has 16 rotation shiatsu nodes to provide deep tissue massage from neck to hip, delivering a dynamic squeeze massage for your whole body after spending a hard day at work. With shiatsu massage design, this air pressure massage chair pad allows you to massage a certain spot on your back and target the specific painful area directly, perfect for those who suffer from back pains. The vibration and heating function work wonderfully for your muscle groups and blood circulation.


  • 3 In 1 Detachable Multi Function Massage Cushion - This seat massage cushion contains 3 parts: the massage pillow, the back massage cushion and the seat cushion. Feel free to use them together or separately
  • Kneading Shiatsu Massage - The Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat has 16 3D rotation shiatsu nodes to provide deep tissue massages from neck to hip. 10 levels of shiatsu intensity options are available to choose.
  • Vibration Massage - The shiatsu massage chair mat offers two speeds of high frequency vibration massage. Enjoy your exact desired massage setting.
  • Airbag pressure massage - For the body with selectable intensity levels.
  • Soothing Heating Therapy - The Shiatsu massage chair delivers soothing heat for your body while relaxing knots tension muscles across your neck to full back and lumbar, and simultaneously improve blood circulation. Set overheating protection system for safe use.