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3-in-1 Neck Shoulder Back Shiatsu Massage Cushion/Pillow With Heat - Home/Car
3-in-1 Neck Shoulder Back Shiatsu Massage Cushion/Pillow With Heat - Home/Car

3-in-1 Neck Shoulder Back Shiatsu Massage Cushion/Pillow With Heat - Home/Car

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3-in-1 Neck Shoulder Back Shiatsu Massage Cushion/Chair With Heat


The best massage pillow for you if you have:

1. Cervical vertebra diseases

2. Lower back pain

3. Neck and shoulder pain

4. Muscle stiffness

Are you looking for a massage pillow / massage cushion? This vibrating shiatsu heated massage pillow would be a best choice for you. With 16 massage heads and the heating function, this back massage cushion provides kneading and penetrating movements to enhance the body blood circulation and relieve your whole body effectively. Meanwhile, with the new design of the shape, this neck & shoulder massage pillow can be placed on chair to turn your chair into a back massage chair and allows you to relax and relieve muscle tension conveniently in the office or in a car.



1) Infrared Heating System

This shiatsu massage cushion with heat has an infrared heating system which helps to melt away discomfort and release all of the stored tension and aches in your neck and shoulder muscle.

2) 16 Massage Balls

The electric shiatsu neck and should massager with newly designed 16 roller balls have counter-clockwise and reverse rotations modes. They can expand the massage area and provide comfortable and relaxing shiatsu massage to your whole body.

3) 15 Minutes Auto Shut-off

This head and neck shiatsu massage pillow has a 15 minutes thermal protection mechanism which starts to work if the internal motor is overheating. Once the temperature drops to a critical point, it automatically starts to work again.  

4) Multi Function Massage Cushion

This is not only a neck and back massage pillow, it is also can be used as a whole body massager, massage chair pad or car seat massager, and place it at areas such as lower and upper back, lumbar, waist and legs.

5) Use at Office, Home and Perfect for Car Seats and Indoor Chairs Use

Enjoy a shiatsu comfort massage at home with the best back massage chair.


6) Premium PU Leather & Breathable Nylon Mesh Fabric

7) Integrated Controls  

  • On/Off button for turning on and off the shoulder and back massage cushion.
  • Direction button to switch the direction of shiatsu massager heads. Forward and Reverse
  • Speed button to change the speed of the massager heads
  • Heating button to switch on and off the heating system on massage pillow.
  • Energy saving button to save electricity
  • Intelligent mode button to automatically alter the direction and strength in cycles.



  • Voltage: 12V
  • Gross weight: 1.3KG
  • Colour: Light brown
  • Rated power: 24W Settled time: 15 min