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Neck Traction Device | Neck Stretcher

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You might think neck pain is a simple problem. Well, it could cause a serious health issue. It is perfect time for you to get our cervical traction device!!! Together with strengthening exercises, this device can relieve fatigue. People in middle age often lose muscle tone in their neck. This brace will stretch cervical vertebrae with vertical traction, relieving pain from herniated disc, nerve pain, or degenerative disc disease. 


  • Relieve Pain From Cervical Disk Compression: The airbag stretches in order to pull more accurately, making a vertebral space distance at the back of your neck. This solves the root cause of the problem which gives you a great relieve of cervical disc pain.
  • Get Proper Alignment And Support: Use this neck stretching device as a brace for the neck. This makes your neck and shoulder muscles relax completely. It helps correct your posture and prevent forward-and-down head motion.
  • Breathe Comfortably: This cervical neck traction device has large opening design which provides good ventilation. It is light weight and does not restrict proper breathing. Velcro hook and loop closure make it durable and wear-resistant. 
  • Clean And Hygienic: Thick high-density absorbent cotton gives neck ultra care. The sponge and flannel material are super soft.


  • Material: PP/POM/ABS+PC/HDPE, sponge, flannel, acrylic cloth
  • Size: 21.5cm*24.5cm*19.5cm 
  • Weight: 0.26kg
  • Color: Mint Green