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Portable Dual Mode IPL Permanent Hair Removal Laser Epilator 999999 Flash

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The IPL Hair Removal Device is one of the safest, fastest and most efficient devices for permanent hair reduction in just 4 weeks. It automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure optimal balance between efficacy and safety. The latest innovation IPL Hair Removal can be used to treat unwanted hair on your legs, underarms, arms, bikini line, chest, back and face.


  • Effective & Permanent Hair Removal: IPL hair removal system used the same clinically proven IPL tech used by dermatologist and beauty salons. The principle is to emit a strong pulse and be absorbed by the hair follicle, stimulate hair follicle to enter dormant period to achieving permanent hair removal.
  • Two Flash Modes Available: Choose between Sliding Flash Mode and Manual Flash Mode. Sliding mode is suitable for large area (thighs and arms) hair removal and the manual mode is suitable to use for small areas.
  • 999,999 Flashes & No Disposables Required: 999,999 Flashes enough for a lifelong time. Follow the instructions of the manual to use the IPL hair removal properly, it will help you achieve the effect of removing hair faster.
  • Upgraded Display Panel: Easy to read and control the status, one button to adjust strength levels.
  • 5 Levels: 5 different energy levels to adapt different skin. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth speed. First time we suggest to start from level 1 to get used to the device and flashes. 
  • Gentle & Painless: The IPL hair removal emits a warm light and the skin only feels mild heat. It is very gentle, especially for first-time users or operating on gentle areas.
  • Unique Design: This at-home permanent hair removal device is with upgraded design, small in size and easy to carry. Take it when you go to the beach or travel.

Package Includes

  • IPL Hair Remover
  • Adapter Plug
  • Operation Manual