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EMS Abdominal Muscle Stimulator Belt - ABS Fitness Equipment Trainer

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Use for 20-30mins per day ==  1500M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups or 30 minutes of swimming.

EMS training is the best and the easiest way to get your dream body shape

Muscles are made of extremely fine fibres which can be classified as slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibres. As fast-twitch muscle is easy to build, it characteristically leads to a toned body if you train. On the other hand, with ordinary training, it cannot be stimulated without imposing a load heavy enough to put you out of breath, and therefore it requires hard training. EMS allows an approach which targets fast-twitch muscle even under a slight load, and therefore it can easily produce a change in appearance.

EMS Muscle Trainer toner through current, it directly transfers a signal to your whole body muscles, puts it in the state of training to promote muscle and your body to get strong without causing any damage to the body. Electronic muscle simulators will shape your body with the best way to get your dream body shape, such as six-pack abs, without any harm for your body. Abs muscle stimulator makes you enjoy your healthy and muscular body!


6 Modes and 10 Frequency of Current: The EMS muscle stimulator has 6 modes and 10 current frequency levels to meet your daily exercise needs.

  • Mode 1-2 the current is low, it is designed to burn fat;
  • Mode 3-4 the current mode is moderate, it promotes muscle growth;
  • Mode 5-6 the current is strong, it provides strong elastic movements to strengthen the muscles of your body.

Fast Results: You will see the results on your abs within 3 months.

3-in-1 USB Cable Fast Charging: The Abdominal Belt supports 3-in-1 USB charging. It can be charged with a safe and easy connection from a laptop, mobile battery, portable charger or car power supply.

Long Battery Life: When fully charged (charging time is about 30 minutes), it can be used for about 3 days. 

Package Included

Option 1: Abdomen Only

  • 1* Abdomen EMS Stimulator
  • 2* Arms EMS Stimulator
  • 2* 3-in-1 USB Cable
  • 1* User Manual

Option 2: One Set

  • 1* Abdomen EMS Stimulator
  • 2* Arms EMS Stimulator
  • 2* 3-in-1 USB Cable
  • 3* Host
  • 1* User Manual