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Vibration/Pulsed Abdominal Back Waist Massager With Heat - Wireless Remote Control

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This upgraded waist massager is perfect for relaxing your waist after a long day. Our waist massage machine offers vibration/pulse/air pressure massage modes. This waist massager belt can sooth muscle and relieve waist pain. It is portable and convenient for use and carrying. Suitable for people who suffer from waist pain and discomfort, muscle tiredness and soreness caused by long time sitting.


  • Upgraded Metal Massage Pads - Our waist massager belt comes with the upgraded metal massage pads to provide deeper conduction and better experience.
  • Infrared Heating - Constant temperature hot compression function (45-55℃) can speed up blood circulation, ease muscle tension, and help warm your waist for improved comfort.
  • 3 Massage ModesSimple button control allows you to switch among Pulse Massage, Vibration Massage and Air Pressure Massage modes. Intelligent air pressure massage can effectively relax the muscle and nerves on acupuncture points around your waist to relieve muscle fatigue and pain; High frequency vibration massage can effectively activate skin cells metabolism to relieve the discomfort of your waist for strengthened health.
  • Portable and Lightweight - This waist massage machine is small in size and easy to carry for travel or work. 
  • Smart Touch Control & Wireless Remote Control - Use the smart control of this massage belt machine to easily switch between different massage modes and adjust massage strength.
    • Long Lifetime - USB fast charging and large capacity battery for long lasting use of this back massager.


      • Product model: HZ-YBB-1
      • Product size: 230*105*90mm
      • Power supply mode: 5V
      • Product timing: 15min

      Package included

      • 1x Massager
      • 1x USB charger