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Essential Oil Diffuser - Air Humidifier

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Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Cool Mist Maker Aromatherapy Air-condition Fogger For Home

This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser can help purify and improve air quality, ease tension, reduce illnesses enhance immunity, protect against secondhand smoke pollution and dispel the unusual smell. It can also keep all the natural ingredients and release essential oil 100% of active ingredients which are more likely to be body and skin to absorb and make the aromatherapy the effect is much better. With the concept of health and its exquisite design, it is a smart choice to decorate the room or choose as a gift to family or friends.


  • Soft night light, create a good atmosphere, with four different color gradual breathing soft night-lights.
  • Ultra-fine water mist spreads without damaging the natural ingredients of essential oils.
  • Quiet working condition, no noise, more relaxed and comfortable.

  • Adjustable color tube atmosphere, fall in love with its companionship.

  • Super delicate mist diffusion Does not destroy the natural ingredients in the essential oils.

  • Long battery life. This Essential Oil Diffuser can continue to work for 6-10 hours.
  • Water level monitoring sensor. This smart diffuser has a red light reminder when the water tank is short of water. 

  • Silicone non-slip design at the bottom of the Aroma Diffuser.

  • Suitable for a variety of use scenarios, bringing comfort and health at all times.