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LCD Display Abdominal Muscle Stimulator - 10 Modes & 20 Intensity

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Are you struggling to stimulate and get a six-pack or eight-pack with old workout routines? Our new LCD Display abs stimulator is perfect solution for you.


  • EMS: Electric muscle stimulator, the technology allows muscles to be modeled through high precision micro-discharges to eliminate fat.
  • LCD Display: The updated & unique LCD Display design shows different modes and intensity on the screen to allow you to know clearly about the current fitness data.
  • 10 Modes + 20 Intensity: This ultimate muscle stimulator provides 10 exercise modes, adopts 20 intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation. The Intensity of our ems machine is 1.5 times that of other similar products. 
  • Rechargeable: The Ab stimulator has USB charging which offers stable and long lasting power.
  • Powerful & Efficient: This muscle stimulator is designed for 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times per day. 20-minute training with our product equals to 30 minutes sit-ups, 2000M running, 30 minutes swimming or 2 weeks diet.
  • Default Working Time: The default working time of the ems machine is 20 minutes and it can be auto turned off. It's also designed with power self-check function, the controller starts working only when you stick the gel pads to your body.


    • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
    • Material: ABS & TPR
    • Main Material Body: PET resin gel
    • Pad: Polyacrylamide
    • Glycerin Remote: ABS resin
    • EMS devices: Rechargeable
    • Power source Input: 100-240V,50/60Hz
    • Output: DC5V 1000mA

    Package Includes

    Option_1: 6 pack abs

    • 2 x Arm Fitness Device
    • 1 x 6 Abdominal Fitness Device
    • 3 x Host
    • 10 x Pads
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x Instruction Manual

    Option_2: 8 pack abs

    • 2 x Arm Fitness Device
    • 1 x 8 Abdominal Fitness Device
    • 3 x Host
    • 12 x Pads
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x Instruction Manual