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Ultrasonic Vibration HOT & COLD LED Rejuvenating Face Massager - USB Rechargeable

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The hot-cold hammer helps to eliminate dark spots, protect sensitive skin from damage, reduce skin redness and swelling pain. This facial massager helps to absorb skin care products, penetrate deeply into the skin, avoid nutrient waste and achieve the best effect of maintaining facial moisture under dry conditions.



Hot & Cold Working Modes

The hot and cold working modes and the alternation of positive and negative photons make pores and skin shrink and soothe, provide sufficient moisture and nutrition to make the skin soft and dedicate.

Hot Treatment(40-45°C ): 

  • Improve skin metabolism, discharge waste toxins, helps to fade eye pouch and dark circle.
  • Promote blood circulation and helps to better absorb skincare products.
  • Apply makeup remover on face massager to remove makeup easily.
  • Warm-up, make the skin feel warm and comfortable, relax the muscle, relieve pain and soreness;


Code Treatment(5-10°C ):

  • This ultrasonic hot cold facial device can shrink blood vessel pores, improve coarse pores;
  • Strengthen collagenous fibers, make the skin elastic, reduce wrinkles and crow's feet;
  • Effectively reduce varicose veins, hazardous wastes, and help to fade and eliminate dark spots;
  • Reduce nerve sensitivity, skin redness and swelling pain, especially for sensitive skin.

LED Lights

Red Light:

This hot cold facial wand helps pore expansion, promote blood circulation, and clear lymph cell viability.

Blue Light: 

Quickly shrink pores, enhance skin elasticity, promote skin absorption and help reduce edema and rejuvenation.


Key Points

1. Skin rejuvenation, Shrink pore, skin tightening, improve skin-elasticity and skin-shine.

2. Lymphatic Drainage, Improve Blood Circulation, Helps To Detox.

3. Helps The Skin Care Products deeply Inject into the Skin, Avoid Nutrition Releasing. Keep Moisturizer.

4.Wrinkle Removal, Anti-puffiness.

5.Facelift, whitening, black circle removal.

6. Stimulate blood circulation, Lymphatic drainage, detox.  

Package Included

  • 1x Ultrasonic Facial Massager Hot Cold Hammer
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x English Manual 

1. Women in pregnancy or after giving birth cannot use this facial massager device. People are the lactation, physiological period, after the operation, or having metal implantation need to consult the doctor.
2. People who are allergic to metal cannot use this skin tightening device. You can test it in certain part of your skin. Please confirm that your skin will not be allergic before you use.