Back Massagers

A good back massage can help relieve lower back pain. After a strenuous workout or sitting at a desk all day, your back muscles are likely to be tense from overuse or repetitive use. When a massage therapist works those muscles, some of the tension is released. Our back massagers provide endless options to give you the best massage experience possible. Consider a kneading shiatsu massager to help with deep-tissue tension, or a rolling massage for that little knot you can’t quite reach by hand. Heat and vibration options and massaging heads can help loosen and relax you, too. Choose a handheld massager for that pesky trouble spot, or go to a massage chair pad or massage pillow and lean right into it for maximum comfort. Massaging vibration wraps are great for travel, while a massage cushion can be positioned to massage your back, shoulders, neck, or even legs. 

The best thing about our massagers is that they can be secured to any car seat or office chair, which means you don't have to be at home to use it and can enjoy an amazing massage while driving or working.